What are your plans now that you're maxed!??! Comp next? Any 120's?? Let us knooooooow.

D’awwwh ty for this messageee<3

oki so I do actually have a couple plans…

I wanna Comp! 120 Divination! own every Solomons outfit! Turn my collection of slayer masks into helms! ummm probably a lot more that I cant think of right now<33 

but thank you! awesome question


zachkk geeky-blonde

;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

oh my fucking god

How do you get blue eyes on your player?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

Unfortunately, you can’t!

I change my eyes on paint before I upload, secretly hinting at runescape to bring eye colour into the game!

It’s already ~kinda~ in game.. if you use Shadow/Linza’s Hair you get green eyes!

~Also you get red&black eyes if you use Hells Point Hair, SkyShadow Hood gives you red eyes, white eyes if you use Bride of Fenkenstrain Hair and if you use the Valhalla Curls Hair you get slightly lighter brown eyes.~


Ok so will delete later
I am at my granddads house today, we are still finishing up decorating, the last thing we have to do is the garden and the garage… We hooked up a power washer to clean the path outside and the doorbell rings and my mom said “don’t touch anything” and left…
Thinking id be helpful and productive I turned the water on and the power washer on, I went outside to start and I heard this slashing sound, I went back inside and the tap head got lodged and water was spraying over EVERYTHING… I turned water and power off, cleaned stuff up with a towel.. And now I’m sitting in the garden soaking wet waiting for my mom to come back and kill me e_e

If I’m not on Tumblr tonight it’s cuz dead



Transparent 120 tumblr cape!!!

i want one

Love this



Transparent 120 tumblr cape!!!

i want one

Love this

How do you do the emote you did with your hunter cape on?


I’ve actually had to draft some of my posts since my spam on my max day haha, I didn’t wanna spam! I hope this isn’t too much of a late reply, but the emote I use is this one here:

The emote is from the Super September event in 2013, to get it you had to complete 15 challenges during the event ~ which means unfortunately it isn’t available any more! :c 

what did you wear in your 99 hunt pic? grats on max btw

Thank you so much!

I’m wearing:

♥ Woodland Crown

♥ Western Crew’s Outfit

♥ Hunter Cape

♥ Gothic Skirt

♥ Gothic Boots



big awesome thank-you to the people who came to the max party / have messaged me! it means so much! 

finally maxed, it’s such a weird feeling aha!


Wow aha! here it is, my very last 99! (Until new skill bleh)

thank you everyone for coming btw! it was so sweet

~next post will be max thingy~

sorry for spam<33 but ye aha!


Gratz on maxing Lolly!!!!!!!!


Thank you cutieee<33333


Lolly appreciation post

Gz baby girl :’) time to comp

Thank you babeee! <3333


congratulations on maxing you massive cutie :~} xo

Thank youuu!!!<333


GRATZ ON MAXING geeky-blonde :D

Thank you babee!! &lt;3333


GRATZ ON MAXING geeky-blonde :D

Thank you babee!! <3333


CONGRATULATIONS Lolly ON MAXING!!!!!!!!! geeky-blonde


Thank you hunn!! <3333